Notification for Online Application Form Under Graduate Programmes Session 2024-25 through CUET-UG

Mission / Vision

Our Vision:- Through our Professional Education Programme, (Where we are going)

Doon Ghati College of Professional Education will be the leader in providing access to higher education for its students. DGC plays a central role in increasing the diversity of students participating in various courses run by our college in post-senior secondary education and contribute to the preparation of citizens who can actually participate into the state's skilled work force. DGC Society organize high quality programmes and educational experience in teaded to assist students to persist to graduation and to prepare them with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values which are necessary to complete in both a general and global multicultural work place, graduate study, and other personal and civil endeavors.

Our vision is to grow our cradle of knowledge tranquillity over the coming Decade. It is our sole motive to provide quality education to weaker section of society too and in that we take initiative to arrange scholarships to the students through our Management body and social welfare Development of the Uttarakhand state Govt.

Our mission ( why we are here )

Our mission is to provide support for educational initiatives, leadership Development, personality Development. To develop soft skills like communication, interview handling , Diving presentation, etc that assist students to improve their chances if success in specific majors and carrier fields and prepares them for changing world of work and to assume leadership at their workplace.

Our mission is to promote enduring knowledge, creating an academic environment, advance new ideas by which outstanding students and scholars from around the world are continually challenged & inspired to do their best. We believe in establishing value creating networks and linkage with corporate educational institutes and universities of National and International importance.