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Cultural Activities

Introduction : Food enthusiasts, rejoice! The highly anticipated Food Festival 2023 at our esteemed college was an unforgettable event that showcased the culinary talents of our talented students. With a total of nine groups participating and presenting mouth-watering dishes and drinks, it was a celebration of flavors, creativity, and camaraderie. From delectable delicacies to exciting games, the Food Festival had something to offer everyone.

Preparation and Decoration : As the sun rose, students began flocking to the college grounds at 8 am, brimming with excitement and armed with their culinary skills. Divided into groups based on their choice of dishes and courses, each group added its unique touch to the event. The stalls were adorned with colorful balloons, paper ribbons, and attractive chart papers featuring catchy lines about their dishes. The air was filled with a sense of anticipation as the students put their hearts and soul into preparing their culinary creations.

The Grand Opening : At 10:30 am, the Food Festival officially commenced, and the aroma of delightful dishes wafted through the air, beckoning visitors to explore the culinary delights on offer. Students proudly presented their culinary masterpieces, enticing the attendees to indulge in a gastronomic adventure. In exchange for coupons, visitors had the opportunity to savor a variety of dishes that showcased the diverse culinary talents of our students.

Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College

The Arrival of the Esteemed Jury : The event received an added boost of prestige with the presence of esteemed jury members. Among them were Shri Karan Bohra, Purv Rajya Mantri of Dehradun, Shri. Sagar Manwal, Representative to the Mayor of Doiwala, Dehradun, Vikram, senior BJP Leader of Uttarakhand, and Shri. Gurdeep Singh, Adyaksh of Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara, Haridwar Road, Doiwala. The jury members arrived at 12:30 pm and immersed themselves in the culinary experience. They savored the dishes and drinks, engaging in friendly conversations and participating in exciting games.

The Moment of Truth : After a thorough discussion that highlighted the incredible talent and innovation showcased by the participants, the jury members faced the difficult task of choosing the winners. After much contemplation, they declared three prize winners and a consolation prize.

The Results : The Manchlet group, consisting of eight students from B.Ed 1st semester, received the well-deserved consolation prize for their delectable Manchurian dish. The third prize was awarded to the Momo Adda group, comprising eight students from BBA and B.Com 1st & 2nd year, for their delectable Momos. The second prize was claimed by the Bhelpuri group, who were impressed with their signature Bhelpuri dish. Finally, the first prize went to the Go Green group, composed of six students from B.Ed 1st year, for their scrumptious Daal Ke Pakode.

The Beverage Delights : While the food stole the limelight, the event's star attractions were the refreshing and diverse range of drinks. The Shikanji from the Lemonade group, aptly named "The Taste of Love," won over the taste buds of attendees, while the Mojito from the Sip Vintage group offered a refreshing twist. Alongside these favorites, visitors also enjoyed other delightful treats such as burgers,Bread Pakoda, Pani Puri, Golgappa & Games.

Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the remarkable teamwork and dedication displayed by each group. Students aligned themselves with their chosen dishes and courses, giving rise to unique group names that reflected their culinary specialties. Let's take a closer look at the participating groups and their delectable offerings:

Go Green (B.Ed - 1st yr) —

  • Signature Dish: Moong Daal Pakode with Green Chutney
  • Group Members: Himanshu Bhandari, Rashmi Bhandari, Sarita Bisht, Gayatri Gaur, Diksha Dobhal, and Sakshi Gairola

BhelPuri / Golgappe (B.Ed - 1st yr) —

  • Signature Dishes: Bhelpuri and Golgappe
  • Group Members: Devyani, Meena, Sonali, Jyoti Devrani, Neha, Vinita Chauhan, Akansha, and Himanshu

Momos Adda (B.B.A & B.Com - 1st/2nd yr) —

  • Signature Dishes: Veg Momos and Nimbu Paani
  • Group Members: Priya, Akansha, Ranjha, Babli, Deepshika, Naveen, Vivek, and Aman Thapa

Manchlet Group (B.Ed - 1st yr) —

  • Signature Dishes: Manchurian and Bread Roll
  • Group Members: Sanjay Singh, Shalini Rana, Arti Rawat, Manpreet, Stuti Thapliyal, Mansi, Manish, and Shubham Rawat

Lemonade, The Taste of Love (B.A - 1st yr) —

  • Signature Drinks: Shikanji, Rose Sharbatt, Orange, and Blueberry Drinks
  • Group Members: Vashu, Aryan, Anjali, and Riddhi

Sip Vintage (BCA& B.Sc(IT) 1st & 2nd yr) —

  • Signature Drinks: Mojito (Orange/Kiwi/Peach/Mint/Strawberry) and Ring + Glass Games
  • Group Members: Anurag Thapa, Prince Baloni, Devender, Abhishek, Simran, Nikhil Thakur, Hritik, Ayush, Neha, Mayank Thapa, and Mahima

Big Bite – Golgappa ( B.Ed - 1st yr) —

  • Signature Dish : Dahi Golgappa & Pani Puri
  • Group Members : Satyam , Himani, Sangeeta , Mohit , Naman, Kanika, Shivam, Ashish, Himanshu Gusain

Conclusion : The Food Festival 2023 was an incredible showcase of culinary prowess and teamwork by our talented students. The event brought together diverse flavors, creativity, and the joy of food.

On 26th January 2022, students of our college organized a Tiranga Bike Rally to celebrate India's 73rd Republic Day. The celebrations this year are special as India is in the 75th year of Independence – being celebrated as 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav'.. The event began with a cultural program of dance and music, which showcased the diversity and richness of Indian culture. The students presented various folk dances and songs, which enthralled the audience with their vibrancy and energy.

After the cultural program, the rally started at 10:30 am. The rally covered a distance of 15 km and included students riding bikes and a 4x4 car carrying a large Tiranga. The music system in the car played patriotic songs throughout the rally, which added to the spirit of the event. Students also danced at various stops on patriotic songs, which added to the energy and enthusiasm of the event.

The rally was a unique experience for the students as it instilled a sense of responsibility and patriotism among them. They felt proud to carry the Tiranga, which symbolizes the unity and diversity of India. The rally also provided an opportunity for students to come together and celebrate their love for their country.

The event concluded back at the college premises, where students were served with their favourite breakfast, Chole Bhature. The students were delighted with the delicious food and the overall experience of the event.

Doon Ghati College

The Tiranga Bike Rally was an enthusiastic event, and students enjoyed it a lot. It was a celebration of patriotism and unity, which brought the students closer to their country and each other. The event was an excellent example of how the youth can come together and celebrate their love for their country while showcasing their cultural diversity. We hope that such events will continue to inspire and encourage the students to take pride in their culture and contribute to the growth and development of our nation.

Doon Ghati College recently organized its much-awaited Chauhan Phulel Singh Memorial Annual Sports Meet from 9th November 2022 to 15th November 2022. The week-long event was filled with various sports activities such as Volley Ball, Table Tennis, Chess, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Badminton & Carrom.

The college campus was buzzing with excitement as the players geared up for the tournament.

The first three days were reserved for practice sessions and shortlisting the players based on their skills and performance. Teams were then constituted for each sport, and the tournament kicked off on the fourth day.

Doon Ghati College

The quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals were played in the last three days of the event, and it was an intense competition amongst the teams. The final game was played on 14th November, which is celebrated as Children’s Day in India.

Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College

The sports meet witnessed some spectacular performances from the players, and the winning teams and finalists were felicitated for their efforts. Here are the names of the winning teams and finalists for each sport:

Carrom —

  • Winning Team (Boys) - Divyanshu & Prince
  • Winning Team (Girls) - Chandni & Naveen

Kho-Kho —

  • Winning Team A - Priya, Akansha, Babli, Shivani, Nirmala, Ishika, Sunandi, Anjali
  • Runner-Up Team B - Manju, Sonali, Shivanshi, Priya, Riya, Kashish, Aayushi, Diya, Simran

Badminton —

  • Winning Team (Boys) - Prateek & Kaptan
  • Winning Team (Girls) - Manju & Simran

Chess —

  • Winning Team (Girls) - Medhavi Sharma
  • Winning Team (Boys) - Sameer Rawat

Kabaddi —

  • Winning Team (Girls) - Manju, Shivanshi, Priya, Thapa, Sonali, Kashish, Riya, Deepshika
  • Winning Team (Boys) - Aman Singh , Prateek, KaptanRana, Siddhant Chamola, Shiva, Vivek, Aryan Khatri.

Table Tennis —

  • Winning Team (Girls) Singles - Babli
  • Winning Team (Boys) Singles- Girish
  • Winning Team (Girls) Doubles - Babli & Megha

Volley Ball —

  • Winning Team (Boys) - Aman Singh , Prateek, Kaptan Rana , Girish, Vishal, Karamjot, Sidhant Chamola, Shiva, Aryan Khatri, Aryan Kaushal, Aman Aggarwal
  • Winning Team (Girls) - Shivanshi Maletha , Priya, Diya Rajput, Sonali, Simran, Manju, Deepshika

The Chauhan Phulel Singh Memorial Annual Sports Meet-2022 was a great success, and it provided an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and sportsmanship. The college administration congratulates all the winning teams and finalists for their exceptional performances and sportsmanship. Such events not only promote sports activities but also provide a platform for students to interact with their peers, develop their personality, and build a sense of camaraderie. Doon Ghati College looks forward to organizing more such events in the future.

Doon Ghati College recently hosted a themed party, the Retro Bollywood Dance Night, on September 4th, 2022, and it was a roaring success. The event was a fun-filled gala night, which brought together students from all departments to dance, eat, and celebrate together.

The theme of the party was "retro," which required students to dress in old-fashioned clothes and carry props accordingly. The gates to the event opened at 5:00 PM, and students started arriving in droves. Registered students were verified, and a stamp of verification was done at their wrist to ensure that the event ran smoothly.

The students came dressed in stunning retro-style attire and carried props that complemented their outfits. The DJ started at 5:30 PM, and retro songs were played as per the theme. Students danced their hearts out to the tunes and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College

The event was not just about dancing, but it also included performances from enrolled and alumni students. The highlight of the night was a selfie corner handmade by students from the IT Department of the second year, which was a hit among the attendees. The students enjoyed taking selfies at the corner and also went for a ride on an old retro scooter parked there.

The Retro Bollywood Dance Night continued till 9:30 pm, and after that, the awards were presented for the Best Retro Dressed Female and Best Retro Dressed Male. Vidhushi Sharma won the Best Retro Dressed Female award, and Anurag Thapa won the Best Retro Dressed Male award. They received a prize of Rs. 5000/- each, which added to the excitement of the event.

Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College

At the end of the night, students enjoyed delicious hot fast food and drinks, which was the perfect way to end a fantastic evening.

Overall, the Retro Bollywood Dance Night was a resounding success, and it showcased the enthusiasm, creativity, and spirit of the students of Doon Ghati College. The event was an excellent opportunity for students to come together, celebrate, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and this year at our college, we had the pleasure of hosting a Lawn party on Christmas Day. The event was organized by a group of enthusiastic students who wanted to spread some holiday cheer and bring the campus community together.

The Lawn party took place on the lush green college lawn, which was beautifully decorated with fairy lights and festive ornaments. The atmosphere was lively and welcoming, with students mingling and chatting with each other, sharing stories about their holiday plans and experiences.

The highlight of the event was the dance floor, where students danced to their favorite music, letting loose and enjoying themselves. The DJ played a mix of upbeat songs and classic holiday tunes, which got everyone in the festive spirit. It was heartwarming to see students from all different backgrounds and cultures come together and celebrate in such a fun and inclusive way.

Doon Ghati College
Doon Ghati College

Towards the end of the Lawn party, a cake was cut to mark the occasion. The cake was beautifully decorated with icing and festive decorations, and it was a sight to behold. Students gathered around the cake, eagerly waiting for a slice, and it was a wonderful moment of unity and togetherness.

Overall, the Lawn party on Christmas Day was a huge success, and it was a testament to the spirit of community and camaraderie that exists on our campus. We are grateful to the students who organized the event and worked hard to make it a memorable occasion for all. We look forward to hosting more events like this in the future and continuing to build a vibrant and inclusive college community.

Lohri is a popular festival celebrated in India with great enthusiasm and excitement. It marks the end of winter and the onset of spring, and people celebrate this occasion with bonfires, traditional music, and dance. This year, the college organized a campfire at Lohri Festival, where students gathered around a fire pit to celebrate the occasion and enjoy the festivities.

The campfire was organized in the college garden, which was beautifully decorated with lights and traditional props. The fire pit was made using wood logs and stones, which added to the rustic feel of the event. As the sun went down, the students started gathering around the fire pit, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and energy.

The event started with the lighting of the campfire, and as the flames grew, the students started dancing around the fire to the beat of the dhol. The music was infectious, and soon everyone was tapping their feet and enjoying the traditional Punjabi folk songs.

Doon Ghati College

As the night progressed, the students were treated to delicious snacks, including peanuts, popcorn, Rewari , Jaggery and sweets. These snacks were distributed among the students, and everyone enjoyed the treats while sitting around the campfire. The warmth of the fire and the delicious snacks created the perfect atmosphere for the students to socialize and connect with each other.

The campfire also gave students an opportunity to showcase their talents. Some students sang traditional Punjabi songs, while others performed traditional dances like bhangra and gidda. It was a joyous occasion, and everyone had a great time celebrating together.

The campfire at Lohri Festival was a great success, and it brought the students together in a fun and festive environment. It was a great way to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring, and it allowed students to experience the rich cultural heritage of India. The event was organized by the college administration, and it was a testament to their commitment to providing a well-rounded college experience for students.

In conclusion, the campfire at Lohri Festival was a memorable event for everyone who attended. It was a great way to celebrate the occasion and connect with fellow students in a festive and fun environment. We hope that the college will continue to organize such events in the future, as they provide a great opportunity for students to experience the rich cultural heritage of India and create lasting memories with their peers.