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Corporate Interactions

DGC is committed to train and educate its students according to foreign standards and therefore it is necessary to send them to various foreign based multi national companies working in India. For the first year students we invited learned professionals from various fields to share their experiences with the students. Through these lectures, students get an idea of working environment in various MNCs. Professional also give them various tips on how to get and survive in the jobs & how to complete the responsibilities. With this special interaction, they get an idea of the work style of the corporate sector. For the second year and third year students, training sessions are arranged in the month of April every year in which they are sent to various companies for being a part of the company and to work for their benefit. There they get practical experience and a chance to feel how much efforts are involved in a job. Corporate training provides them a certificate and a means to develop their personalities and develop links with the industry as well as market personnel's. The corporate training in mainly of one and a half month to two months and it plays a very important role in preparing students for the future challenges.