H.R Policy
Academic excellence of any institute mainly depends upon its faculty and staff. It is therefore of utmost importance that due care is taken in hiring of faculty with adequate qualification and requisite experience.

Further a relaxed environment with positive academic ambience is a great facilitator for bringing out the best from faculty. Although, it does take years to build on positive academic ambience, certain institute policies can have strong impact in promoting the same. It is DGC’s Endeavour that its judicious HR policy can serve as a powerful mechanism to enhance comfort level, sense of belonging and positivity in outlook and add to the sense of responsibility and commitment.

DGC follows the prevailing UGC norms of qualifications and experience related to recruitment, promotion and salary scale for faculty and staff members. DGC offers special packages which is over and above the recommended UGC norms to these candidates. This may be in the form of special allowances, additional increments and flexi-benefits etc.

In addition to following the UGC norms, DGC offers additional allowances such as leave travel allowance, medical re-imbursement, city compensatory allowance, travel allowance etc. All permanent faculty members are provided with 50% fee concession for their children if they take admission in any institution of the Doon Ghati group. All permanent non-teaching staff members are provided with 50% fee concession for their children if they take admission in our college.

DGC promotes a healthy work-life balance by providing adequate number of leaves in the form of summer and winter vacation; casual, earned, medical, compensatory and special leaves; and restricted holidays.

Academic/ Study/ Sabbatical Leaves
DGC believes in fostering a spirit of continuous learning amongst its faculty members. For this faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their qualification by pursuing higher education in the form of Ph.D., NET . To facilitate this, the institute provides adequate study leaves and / or sabbatical leaves as the case may be, to the faculty members as per the institute’s policy.
Faculty members are also encouraged to attend seminars, workshops & conferences in India and abroad and present research papers
therein. To facilitate this, faculty members are provided with academic leave and other permissible expenses.
Faculty members are also provided academic leave to attend official meetings like that of Board of Studies, Research Degree Committee and other Govt./State Govt. meetings.

Additional Benefits
DGC provides the facility of provident fund, medical aim & group insurance coverage and transport to its faculty and staff members. Faculty members can also undertake consultancy, R&D projects from industry, other organizations and Govt. bodies .

DGC Looks for Qualified Candidates
This page gives information to candidates who would like to join DGC as faculty member while advertisements announcing specific requirements are released from time to time, interested candidates also may apply as per the procedure given alongside. The received applications are periodically received and short listed candidates will be informed individually.


For recruitment, the college’s management committee approves a budget for advertisement every year and according to the requirements the advertisements are given in Local as well as National newspapers. In respond to the advertisement, the candidates send their latest resumes with photographs to the college end, either through post or e-mail. After filtering the curriculum vitae of candidates only eligible candidates are called for an interview which he/she has to give to their respective department heads. After that they are carried for demonstrations before the lecturers and then the students. After the approval of students and lecturers they are presented before the college’s selection committee, where various issues like remuneration ,facilities and rules & regulation & college are discussed. After the approval through college’s board of members, they are appointed and included in the DGC family. They are also presented before the university’s inspection panel whenever the inspection from the university is conducted.


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